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Customer Testimonials for Reo Motors

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Sasha S. - 2013 Mazda 6

The sales team was incredibly helpful and patient throughout the entire process. They were not pushy at all and gave me plenty of time to test drive the car and ask any questions that I had. They even provided me with helpful tips on car maintenance and care, which I really appreciated. When it came time to negotiate the price, the dealership was very reasonable and worked with me to find a price that fit within my budget. They even offered me a fair price for my trade-in, which was a pleasant surprise.

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Lori G. - 2018 Toyota Sequoia

We bought a Toyota Sequoia and noticed a couple of things that were a little off like the mirror, the motor was out. They also did an inspection and found the back window did not go down so they ordered all the parts right away. Customer service is excellent! We worked with (Reo) and they're always willing to answer our questions at anytime taking our worries away. I work in sales and can see the hustle they put in.

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Desi R. - 2014 Ford Transit

Completé otra venta de vehículos a Reo y no podría haber sido más fácil. La cotización de venta del vehículo real fue casi idéntica a la cotización en línea y Reo hizo que la transacción fuera fácil y sin inconvenientes. Definitivamente los recomendaría si está pensando en vender su vehículo.

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Lionel K. - 2016 Nissan Rogue

My experience here was very transparent. They answered every question and went over my concerns with me. They sent pictures and videos as requested. They pointed out flaws that didn’t show in pictures so there would be no surprises. Love the car. The entire experience was great from start to finish. I will be back the next time I’m looking for a used car. Thanks!

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Pablo E. - 2015 Toyota Camry

¡Reo nos ayudó a encontrar el auto perfecto para nosotros! Nuestro vendedor se tomó el tiempo de escuchar nuestras necesidades y presupuesto, y tuvo varias recomendaciones rápidas. Nos encantó poder mirarlo y probarlo sin que nadie se acercara, ¡y toda la experiencia tomó menos de 2 horas un sábado! Nuestra experiencia en Reo no nos decepcionó, y definitivamente regresaremos la próxima vez que necesitemos un auto usado.

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Amanda Z. - 2018 Lincoln MKX

So my experience was a bit complicated, because the initial car I purchased (a 2018 Audi Q5) wasn’t living up to my expectations. Not because anything was wrong with the car, mind you, but because I simply had buyers remorse. I didn’t feel I was a right fit for that car. Two weeks after the purchase, I got in touch with them over at Reo, and they allowed me to do a trade-in for another car! So I said goodbye to the Audi Q5 and said hello to a Lincoln MKX. They were very helpful and knowledgeable in answering all of my questions. Very genuine and passionate about their work. More than willing to help me find the best vehicle for my price range. I would buy from them again in a heartbeat. 

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Omar S. - 2018 Honda Pilot

I have been a customer at Reo motors since 2009 and they’ve always met or exceeded my expectations. Reo Motors (has) honest and knowledgeable salesmen (who) always spent time ensuring that I leave happy. Any time I had an issue with a car I bought from them, they always provided great service and Rep humble owner is always available to address any concerns.

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Rebecca W. - 2019 Nissan Altima

You prepare yourself going into a car dealer every time. You prepare mentally for the “pushy salespeople.” And then… the reverse opposite happens! Instead, you get approachable people who don’t try to force anything on you. They’re respectful. They're helpful. They're willing to answer your questions. That was my experience with Reo Motors. I was able to put a down payment on my 2019 Nissan Altima and take it for a test drive before making up my mind a few days later on whether or not I wanted to move forward with the purchase. I would buy from them again. 

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